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Packages that use FSConstraint
org.apache.uima.cas Common Analysis System (CAS) Interfaces. 

Uses of FSConstraint in org.apache.uima.cas

Subinterfaces of FSConstraint in org.apache.uima.cas
 interface FSBooleanConstraint
          Interface for a boolean constraint.
 interface FSFloatConstraint
          Interface for a float constraint.
 interface FSIntConstraint
          Interface for an integer constraint.
 interface FSMatchConstraint
          Interface for feature structure matching constraints.
 interface FSStringConstraint
          Interface for a String constraint.
 interface FSTypeConstraint
          Interface for type constraint.

Methods in org.apache.uima.cas with parameters of type FSConstraint
abstract  FSMatchConstraint ConstraintFactory.embedConstraint(ArrayList<String> path, FSConstraint constraint)
          Embed a constraint under a path.
abstract  FSMatchConstraint ConstraintFactory.embedConstraint(FeaturePath path, FSConstraint constraint)
          Combine a constraint test with a path from a feature structure instance to the value to be tested.

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