Package org.apache.uima.cas

Common Analysis System (CAS) Interfaces.


Interface Summary
AbstractCas The base interface extended by all CAS (Common Analysis System) interfaces in the UIMA SDK.
AnnotationBaseFS Annotation Base API.
ArrayFS Feature structure array interface.
BooleanArrayFS Boolean array interface.
ByteArrayFS Byte array interface.
CAS Object-oriented CAS (Common Analysis System) API.
CasOwner Represents the "owner" of a CAS.
CommonArrayFS Common parts of the Array interfaces.
ComponentInfo Information that a CAS needs to know about the component that's currently operating on it.
DoubleArrayFS Double array interface.
Feature The interface that describes features in the type system.
FeaturePath Interface for a feature path.
FeatureStructure Interface for feature structures.
FeatureValuePath Deprecated. use FeaturePath
FloatArrayFS Interface for CAS float arrays.
FSBooleanConstraint Interface for a boolean constraint.
FSConstraint Interface for feature structure constraints.
FSFloatConstraint Interface for a float constraint.
FSIndex<T extends FeatureStructure> Feature structure index access interface.
FSIndexRepository Repository of indexes over feature structures.
FSIntConstraint Interface for an integer constraint.
FSIterator<T extends FeatureStructure> Iterator over feature structures.
FSMatchConstraint Interface for feature structure matching constraints.
FSStringConstraint Interface for a String constraint.
FSTypeConstraint Interface for type constraint.
IntArrayFS Interface for CAS int arrays.
LongArrayFS Long array interface.
Marker An object obtained from the CAS that is used to query when FSs were created or modified with respect to the marker.
ShortArrayFS Short array interface.
SofaFS Interface for "Subject of Analysis" (Sofa) feature structures.
SofaID Deprecated. As of v2.0, this is no longer needed.
StringArrayFS String array interface.
Type The interface describing types in the type system.
TypeNameSpace An object holding the namespace string for a type.
TypeSystem The interface to the type system.

Class Summary
AbstractCas_ImplBase Base class from which CAS implementations should extend.
ConstraintFactory Methods to create FSMatchConstraints for filtered iterators or other use.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
CASException Exception class for package org.apache.uima.cas.
CASRuntimeException Runtime exception class for package org.apache.uima.cas.
ParsingException Deprecated. The Constraint Parser is not supported in externally released versions of UIMA

Package org.apache.uima.cas Description

Common Analysis System (CAS) Interfaces.

The CAS provides data modelling, definition and retrieval. The data model is stored in a type system. Use factory methods on a CAS object to create data structures. Also from a CAS, you can access the index repository to retrieve the data structure that have already been created.

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