Interface FSMatchConstraint

All Superinterfaces:
FSConstraint, Serializable
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public interface FSMatchConstraint
extends FSConstraint, Serializable

Interface for feature structure matching constraints. These constraints are created as the result of combining primitive constraints with a "path" that specifies how to find the value to test, starting with a feature structure instance, and specifying which feature (or possibly a chain of features) to use as the value, using the ConstraintFactory.embedConstraint(FeaturePath, FSConstraint) method. These constraints are also produced by "anding" and "oring" together other instances of these constraints.

To use the constraint, invoke its match(FeatureStructure) method, passing the feature structure to test.

You can also use these constraints to construct a CAS.createFilteredIterator(FSIterator, FSMatchConstraint).

Method Summary
 boolean match(FeatureStructure fs)
          Match against feature structures.

Method Detail


boolean match(FeatureStructure fs)
Match against feature structures.

fs - The feature structure we want to match.

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