Apache UIMA Java SDK 2.3.0-incubating User-Level API Documentation

org.apache.uima The main package for the Unstructured Information Management Middleware Architecture.
org.apache.uima.analysis_engine The Analysis Engine interface, along with supporting interfaces and exception classes.
org.apache.uima.analysis_engine.annotator The Annotator Interfaces, along with supporting interfaces and exception classes.
org.apache.uima.analysis_engine.asb Contains the Analysis Structure Broker (ASB) interface, along with supporting interfaces and exception classes.
org.apache.uima.analysis_engine.metadata Interfaces for objects that represent metadata for an Analysis Engine.
org.apache.uima.cas Common Analysis System (CAS) Interfaces.
org.apache.uima.cas.impl Implementation and Low-Level API for the CAS Interfaces.
org.apache.uima.cas.text Text Common Annotation System (TCAS) Interfaces.
org.apache.uima.collection Classes and interfaces for collection processing.
org.apache.uima.collection.metadata Java object representation of a CPE Descriptor.
org.apache.uima.jcas Interfaces for accessing the JCAS.
org.apache.uima.jcas.cas JCAS model for built-in CAS types
org.apache.uima.jcas.tcas JCAS model for built-in TCAS types
org.apache.uima.pear.tools The org.apache.uima.pear.tools package provides applications and tools that allow installing PEAR packages containing UIMA-compliant components, verifying serviceability of installed components by using UIMA API and browsing PEAR packages.
org.apache.uima.pear.util The org.apache.uima.pear.util package provides utilities that facilitate common operations with general files, strings and XML files, as well as simple process message routing and other useful operations.
org.apache.uima.resource Interfaces for Resources and ResourceSpecifiers.
org.apache.uima.resource.metadata Interfaces for objects that represent metadata for a Resource.
org.apache.uima.search Standard UIMA interfaces for indexing and search.
org.apache.uima.util Utility classes and interfaces used by UIMA components.


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