Package org.apache.uima.resource.metadata

Interfaces for objects that represent metadata for a Resource.


Interface Summary
AllowedValue Represents an allowed value for an "enumerated" type.
Capability A Capability defines an operation that an Resource can carry out.
ConfigurationGroup A group of ConfigurationParameters.
ConfigurationParameter Completely specifies a configuration parameter on a UIMA resource.
ConfigurationParameterDeclarations The declarations of configuration parameters in a Resource.
ConfigurationParameterSettings The values for ConfigurationParameters in a Resource.
ExternalResourceBinding Binds an ExternalResourceDependency to an ExternalResourceDescription.
FeatureDescription A description of a CAS feature.
FsIndexCollection Description of a collection of CAS feature structure indexes.
FsIndexDescription A description of a CAS feature structure index.
FsIndexKeyDescription A description of a key defining a CAS feature structure index.
Import An import declaration.
LanguagePrecondition A precondition on the language of the document.
MetaDataObject An object used to represent metadata of a Resource.
MimeTypePrecondition A precondition on the MIME Type of the entity.
NameValuePair A type of MetaDataObject that stores a name (String) and value (Object).
OperationalProperties Operational Properties for a UIMA component.
Precondition A Precondition of a Resource is a condition that an Entity and/or its analysis in the CAS must satisfy before that Entity can be processed by the Resource.
ProcessingResourceMetaData Metadata that describes a "Processing" Resource - that is, one that reads or writes to the CAS.
ResourceManagerConfiguration Defines a set of external resources and their bindings to ExternalResourceDependencies.
ResourceMetaData Encapsulates all metadata for a Resource.
SimplePrecondition SimplePrecondition defines a few simple conditions that can be evaluted against a CAS.
TypeDescription A description of a CAS Type.
TypePriorities A declaration of priorities between CAS Types.
TypePriorityList Declares a relative priority between CAS types.
TypeSystemDescription Description of a CAS TypeSystem.

Package org.apache.uima.resource.metadata Description

Interfaces for objects that represent metadata for a Resource.

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