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Packages that use ResourceMetaData
org.apache.uima The main package for the Unstructured Information Management Middleware Architecture. 
org.apache.uima.analysis_engine.metadata Interfaces for objects that represent metadata for an Analysis Engine. 
org.apache.uima.resource Interfaces for Resources and ResourceSpecifiers
org.apache.uima.resource.metadata Interfaces for objects that represent metadata for a Resource. 
org.apache.uima.util Utility classes and interfaces used by UIMA components. 

Uses of ResourceMetaData in org.apache.uima

Methods in org.apache.uima that return ResourceMetaData
 ResourceMetaData ResourceSpecifierFactory.createResourceMetaData()
          Creates a ResourceMetaData.

Uses of ResourceMetaData in org.apache.uima.analysis_engine.metadata

Subinterfaces of ResourceMetaData in org.apache.uima.analysis_engine.metadata
 interface AnalysisEngineMetaData
          Encapsulates all of the metadata for an Analysis Engine.

Uses of ResourceMetaData in org.apache.uima.resource

Methods in org.apache.uima.resource that return ResourceMetaData
 ResourceMetaData ResourceServiceStub.callGetMetaData()
          Performs service call to retreive resource meta data.
 ResourceMetaData ConfigurableDataResourceSpecifier.getMetaData()
          Gets the metadata for this resource, which includes descriptive information as well as configuration settings.
 ResourceMetaData Resource.getMetaData()
          Gets the metadata that describes this Resource.
 ResourceMetaData ResourceCreationSpecifier.getMetaData()
          Retrieves the ResourceMetaData to assign to the newly constructed ResourceCreationSpecifier.
 ResourceMetaData Resource_ImplBase.getMetaData()

Methods in org.apache.uima.resource with parameters of type ResourceMetaData
 void ConfigurationManager.createContext(String aContextName, ResourceMetaData aResourceMetaData)
          Creates and sets up a new configuration parameter context.
 void ConfigurableDataResourceSpecifier.setMetaData(ResourceMetaData aMetaData)
          Sets the metadata for this resource.
 void ResourceCreationSpecifier.setMetaData(ResourceMetaData aMetaData)
          Sets the MetaData for this ResourceCreationSpecifier.
protected  void Resource_ImplBase.setMetaData(ResourceMetaData aMetaData)
          Sets the ResourceMetaData object associated with this Resource.

Uses of ResourceMetaData in org.apache.uima.resource.metadata

Subinterfaces of ResourceMetaData in org.apache.uima.resource.metadata
 interface ProcessingResourceMetaData
          Metadata that describes a "Processing" Resource - that is, one that reads or writes to the CAS.

Uses of ResourceMetaData in org.apache.uima.util

Methods in org.apache.uima.util that return ResourceMetaData
 ResourceMetaData XMLParser.parseResourceMetaData(XMLInputSource aInput)
          Parses a ResourceMetaData object from an XML input stream.
 ResourceMetaData XMLParser.parseResourceMetaData(XMLInputSource aInput, XMLParser.ParsingOptions aOptions)
          Parses a ResourceMetaData object from an XML input stream.

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