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Here you will find Apache UIMA™ Manuals and Guides (Overview and Setup, Tutorials and Users' Guides, Tools, and References), the Javadocs for the public APIs of UIMA, and Getting Started Guides.

  • Note: The UIMA manuals/guides and Javadocs are also distributed as part of the binary distribution.

UIMA Java SDK and UIMA-AS Manuals and Guides

The UIMA Java SDK and UIMA-AS documentation is available in two formats (HTML and PDF). Here are the latest versions:

PDF version for printing:

Apache UIMA JavaDoc is supplied with the binary distribution, or can be built from the source distribution. We also make it available directly from this website.

UIMA SDK 3.0.0-beta documentation

The 3.0.0-beta release (not for production, but for wider testing) documents include an additional "book" describing the version 3 new and changed features, and the migration tooling.

PDF version for printing:

Here is the JavaDoc for Version 3.0.0-beta.

Release Notes

Click RELEASE_NOTES.html for the 3.0.0-beta Apache UIMA JAVA SDK release notes.

API changes for V3

Click api change report for a report of the APIs in UIMA that were changed in this release, versus the 2.10.1 version.

Issues Fixed

Click issues fixed for the list of Jira issues fixed since the previous release.


Documentation for the Apache UIMA DUCC 2.2.0 release:


Documentation for the latest Apache uimaFIT™ release:


Documentation for the latest Apache UIMA Ruta release:

Annotators, Web Servers, Tooling, and more

Many of the additional components found in the Addons and Sandbox have individual documentation files, which you can access from the Addons and Sandbox page

Getting Started

The UIMA "Getting Started" guides are intended to offer a quick overview of UIMA and how it works. They are designed to address different audiences that want to work with UIMA.

The section below lists all currently available "getting started" guides with their links. For more advanced documentation about these topics, please refer to the Apache UIMA release documentation.