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 Apache UIMA Project Team


The current committers on the Apache UIMA™ project are

Michael Baessler
Richard Eckart de Castilho
Jim Challenger
Jaroslaw Cwiklik
Lou DeGenaro
Edward Epstein
Tong Fin
Thilo Goetz
Jens Grivolla
Bhavani Iyer
Peter Kluegl
Joern Kottmann
Adam Lally
Burn Lewis
Alexandre Patry
Marshall Schor
Michael Tanenblatt
Tommaso Teofili
Martin Toepfer
William Colen


Philip-Daniel Beck
Michael Borst
Benjamin Eckstein
Bjoern Eyselein
Markus Krug
Stefan Olbrecht
Ethan Steinberg
Olivier Terrier
Andreas Wittek
James Jichun Zhu


Ken Coar
Sam Ruby
Jukka Zitting

Becoming part of the team

If you would like to contribute to UIMA, please browse our JIRA or see the wiki to find areas where you can contribute. If there is nothing in there that suits your interest, but you still have ideas, please feel free to suggest them on the uima-dev mailing list.

If you would like to become a committer, please see Get Involved.