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Packages that use CollectionException
org.apache.uima.collection Classes and interfaces for collection processing. 

Uses of CollectionException in org.apache.uima.collection

Methods in org.apache.uima.collection that throw CollectionException
 void CollectionReader.getNext(CAS aCAS)
          Gets the next element of the collection.
 void CasInitializer.initializeCas(Object aObj, CAS aCAS)
          Deprecated. Reads content and metadata from an Object and initializes a CAS.

Uses of CollectionException in org.apache.uima.collection.base_cpm

Methods in org.apache.uima.collection.base_cpm that throw CollectionException
 CasData CasDataCollectionReader.getNext()
          Gets the next CasData from this CollectionReader.
 CasData[] CasDataCollectionReader.getNext(int aNumToGet)
          Gets multiple CasData objects from this CasDataCollectionReader.
 boolean BaseCollectionReader.hasNext()
          Gets whether there are any elements remaining to be read from this CollectionReader.
 CasData CasDataInitializer.initializeCas(Object aObj)
          Deprecated. Reads content and metadata from an Object and creates a CasData.
 void RecoverableCollectionReader.moveTo(SynchPoint aSynchPoint)
          Start CollectionReader recovery to a given synch point

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