Interface StatusCallbackListener

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public interface StatusCallbackListener
extends BaseStatusCallbackListener

Interface for a Listener that receives notification from the CollectionProcessingManager as various events occur. The most common event is that the processing of an entity has completed.

Method Summary
 void entityProcessComplete(CAS aCas, EntityProcessStatus aStatus)
          Called when the processing of each entity has completed.
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.uima.collection.base_cpm.BaseStatusCallbackListener
aborted, batchProcessComplete, collectionProcessComplete, initializationComplete, paused, resumed

Method Detail


void entityProcessComplete(CAS aCas,
                           EntityProcessStatus aStatus)
Called when the processing of each entity has completed.

aCas - the CAS containing the processed entity and the analysis results
aStatus - the status of the processing. This object contains a record of any Exception that occurred, as well as timing information.

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