Interface CasConsumer

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CasObjectProcessor, CasProcessor, ConfigurableResource, Resource
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public interface CasConsumer
extends ConfigurableResource, CasObjectProcessor

Any component that operates on analysis results produced by a UIMA analysis engine. CAS Consumers read analysis results from the CAS but may not modify the CAS. (They are read-only CAS Processors.)

CAS Consumers may be registered with a CollectionProcessingManager (CPM). During collection processing, the CPM will pass each CAS from its Analysis Engine to each CAS consumer's process method. The CAS consumer can extract information from the CAS and do anything it wants with that information; commonly CAS consumers will build aggregate data structures such as search engine indices or glossaries.

CasConsumers are also UIMA ConfigurableResources, and can be instantiated from descriptors. See XMLParser.parseCasConsumerDescription(XMLInputSource) and UIMAFramework.produceCasConsumer(ResourceSpecifier,Map) for more information.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 boolean isReadOnly()
          Must return true.
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processCas, processCas, typeSystemInit
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batchProcessComplete, collectionProcessComplete, getProcessingResourceMetaData, isStateless

Method Detail


boolean isReadOnly()
Must return true. By contract, CAS Consumers must be read only.

Specified by:
isReadOnly in interface CasProcessor
true if this CAS processor does not modify the CAS, false if it does.
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