Interface FixedFlow

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, FlowConstraints, MetaDataObject, Serializable, XMLizable

public interface FixedFlow
extends FlowConstraints

A FixedFlow is a simple type of FlowConstraints that specifies the complete flow as a fixed sequence.

Each element in the sequence is specified as a String identifier. The FixedFlow object does not assign any particular meaning to these Strings - it is the user of the FixedFlow object that must understand how to map them to AnalysisEngines themselves.

Field Summary
          The type identifier for this class of FlowConstraints.
Method Summary
 String[] getFixedFlow()
          Returns the flow as an array.
 String getFlowConstraintsType()
          Gets the type of this FlowConstraints object.
 void setFixedFlow(String[] aFlow)
          Sets the fixed flow.
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Field Detail


static final String FLOW_CONSTRAINTS_TYPE
The type identifier for this class of FlowConstraints. This is the return value of getFlowConstraintsType().

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Constant Field Values
Method Detail


String getFlowConstraintsType()
Gets the type of this FlowConstraints object. Each sub-interface of FlowConstraints has its own standard type identifier String. These identifier Strings are used instead of Java class names in order to ease portability of metadata to other languages.

Specified by:
getFlowConstraintsType in interface FlowConstraints


String[] getFixedFlow()
Returns the flow as an array. Each element of the array is a String that identifies the AnalysisEngine to invoke at that position in the flow.

an array of AE identifiers.


void setFixedFlow(String[] aFlow)
Sets the fixed flow.

aFlow - an array of Strings, each of which identifies the AnalysisEngine to invoke at that position in the flow.
UIMA_UnsupportedOperationException - if this MetaDataObject is not modifiable.

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