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Deprecated. As of release 2.3.0, use JCasAnnotator_ImplBase instead

public interface JTextAnnotator
extends BaseAnnotator

Interface for JCAS annotators in UIMA SDK v1.x. As of v2.0, JCAS annotators should extend JCasAnnotator_ImplBase.

Method Summary
 void process(JCas aJCas, ResultSpecification aResultSpec)
          Deprecated. Invokes this annotator's analysis logic.
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.uima.analysis_engine.annotator.BaseAnnotator
destroy, initialize, reconfigure, typeSystemInit

Method Detail


void process(JCas aJCas,
             ResultSpecification aResultSpec)
             throws AnnotatorProcessException
Invokes this annotator's analysis logic. Prior to calling this method, the caller must ensure that the JCas has been populated with the document to be analyzed as well as any information that this annotator needs to do its processing. This annotator will access the data in the JCas and add new data to the JCas.

The caller must also guarantee that the ResultSpecification falls within the scope of the Capabilities of this annotator (as published by its containing AnalysisEngine).

The annotator will only produce the output types and features that are declared in the aResultSpec parameter.

aJCas - contains the document to be analyzed and may contain other metadata about that document.
aResultSpec - A list of output types and features that this annotator should produce.
AnnotatorProcessException - if a failure occurs during processing.

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