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 UIMA Components

Here are some links to Apache UIMA™ components available from other places. If you find other links that you think should be listed here, please drop us a line on our dev or user mailing lists. Similarly, if any of the content is out of date or inappropriate, please let us know.

OpenNLP Project

The OpenNLP Project provides the official UIMA integration for the OpenNLP Sentence Detector, Tokenizer, POS Tagger, Name Finder, Document Categorizer, Chunker and Parser. The opennlp.uima distribution includes a sample PEAR which can easily be tested with the Cas Visual Debugger.


The cTAKES project (clinical Text Analysis and Knowledge Extraction System) is an open-source natural language processing system for information extraction from electronic medical record clinical free-text. cTAKES uses the UIMA Unstructured Information Management Architecture framework and the OpenNLP natural language processing toolkit. Its components are specifically trained for the (English language) clinical domain; it creates rich linguistic and semantic annotations that can be used by clinical decision support systems and clinical research.

UIMA Component Repository at CMU

The UIMA Component Repository at CMU lists a large number of UIMA components, some of which can be freely downloaded.

JCoRe NLP Toolsuite

The JCoRe NLP Toolsuite consists of a collection of NLP components, some of which are provided as freely available UIMA components. It includes also a type system you can use as basis for your own NLP applications.


http://nactem.ac.uk/ucompare provides a web-based integrated platform for the purpose of sharing and comparing UIMA components and tools, including visualizers and utilities, and includes a large set of type-system-compatible UIMA components. It is being maintained by the National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM) at the University of Manchester.

An older version of this site, available at http://u-compare.org, was run mainly by the Tsujii Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. Because the Tsujii lab was closed in 2011, that site is no longer being updated.

Center for Computation Pharmacology

The Center for Computational Pharmacology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine hosts a repository (see BioNLP entry, which describes this in more detail).

National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM)

The National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM) at the University of Manchester hosts a repository.

BioNLP Wrappers

The Center for Computational Pharmacology at the University of Colorodo has wrapped a number of popular bio-informatic annotators as UIMA components, and added some supporting additional code and components. More information is available at http://bionlp-uima.sourceforge.net.


Behemoth is an Apache Licensed open source platform for large scale document processing which allows deploying UIMA applications within Hadoop.

UIMA French portal

uima-fr.org is a French-speaking web portal about UIMA. It aims at developing a UIMA French-speaking community by providing services such as a discussion list, a feed aggregator and a repository of UIMA NLP resources (some of them being dedicated for processing French). It is supported by the LINA Lab. at the University of Nantes.

DKPro Core

DKPro Core is a collection of software components for natural language processing (NLP) based on the Apache UIMA framework. The provided components wrap a constantly growing set of stand-of-the-art NLP tools and also include several original components covering a wide range of tasks including: tokenization/segmentation, compound splitting, stemming, part-of-speech tagging, lemmatization, constituency parsing, dependency parsing, named entity recognition, coreference resolution, language identification, spelling correction, grammar checking, and support for reading and writing various file and corpus formats.

DKPro Core offers two sets of components:

  • DKPro Core ASL provides components under the Apache Software License 2.0
  • DKPro Core GPL provides components under the GNU Public License 3.0

DKPro Core relies heavily on uimaFIT. DKPro Core is meant to be used with Apache Maven. The main components are hosted on Maven Central while distributable models are available from the public Maven repository at UKP Lab.

uimaFIT (legacy)

uimaFIT (legacy) is a library that provides factories, injection, and testing utilities for UIMA. It provides a convenient Java API for using UIMA in Java projects without having to deal with XML descriptors.

Apache uimaFIT™ supersedes this project.