Package org.apache.uima.util

Utility classes and interfaces used by UIMA components.


Interface Summary
CasPoolManagement Management interface to a CasPool.
InstrumentationFacility The InstrumentationFacility interface defines a standard way for UIMA components to be instrumented for performance evaluation.
Logger A Logger is a component used to log messages.
ProcessTrace A ProcessTrace object keeps a record of events that have occurred and information, such as timing, about those events.
ProcessTraceEvent Captures information, including timing, about an event that occurred during processing.
Progress Progress statistics for a process.
SaxDeserializer Deserializes an XMLizable object from SAX events.
TCasFormatter Interface for components that generate a String representation of a CAS.
UimaTimer Interface for a timer, used to collect performance statistics for UIMA components.
XMLizable An interface to be implemented by UIMA classes that can be written to and parsed from XML.
XMLParser A UIMA XMLParser parses XML documents and generates UIMA components represented by the XML.

Class Summary
AnalysisEnginePerformanceReports A class that is useful for generating an Analysis Engine performance report from a ProcessTrace object.
AnalysisEngineUtils Static utility methods relating to analysis engines.
CasCopier Utility class for doing deep copies of FeatureStructures from one CAS to another.
CasCreationUtils Utilities for creating and setting up CASes.
CasPool This class represents a simple pool of CAS instances.
CasToInlineXml Generates an inline XML representation of a CAS.
FileUtils Some utilities for handling files.
JCasPool This class represents a simple pool of JCas instances.
Level Provides the message level constants for logging and tracing
LoggerPrintStream A PrintStream implementation that writes to a UIMA logger.
NameClassPair A class that stores the name of an attribute and the Class of that attribute's value.
SimpleResourceFactory A simple implementation of a ResourceFactory.
TCasToInlineXml Deprecated. As of v2.0, use CasToInlineXml instead.
XmlCasDeserializer Deserializes a CAS from a standoff-XML format.
XmlCasSerializer Serializes a CAS to inline XML format.
XMLInputSource An input source used by the XMLParser to read XML documents for parsing.
XMLParser.ParsingOptions Option settings for the parser.
XMLSerializer Utility class that generates XML output from SAX events or DOM nodes.

Exception Summary
InvalidXMLException Thrown by the XMLParser to indicate that an XML document is invalid or does not specify a valid object of the desired class.

Package org.apache.uima.util Description

Utility classes and interfaces used by UIMA components.

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