JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-5368 Resolved uimaj java9 jcasgen maven plugin failure fix
Bug UIMA-5378 Resolved uv3 api-change-report has wrong file permissions on Linux
Bug UIMA-5384 Resolved uv3 migration tool class path setup
Bug UIMA-5387 Resolved uv3 missing bacwards compat method
Bug UIMA-5408 Resolved uv3 migrate missing report of duplicates
Bug UIMA-5410 Resolved uv3 migration tool sorting of reports sometimes throws exception
Bug UIMA-5421 Resolved uv3 migration tool design fixes
Bug UIMA-5435 Closed UIMA Class Loader getResource doesn't look first in its own resources
Bug UIMA-5446 Resolved uv3 xmi deserialization of arrays not handling null values properly
Bug UIMA-5453 Resolved uv3 select api index not set, causing NPE
Bug UIMA-5460 Closed NPE in PearAnalysisEngineWrapper.createRM
Bug UIMA-5478 Resolved OrderedFsSet_array has several infrequent problems
Bug UIMA-5497 Resolved uv3 copy on write generation bugs
Bug UIMA-5519 Resolved uv3 clarify use of ll_indexsize - used incorrectly in one spot
Bug UIMA-5532 Closed xmi/json serialization multiple-refs-allowed sometimes fails to serialize item
Bug UIMA-5534 Resolved uv3 subiterator fixups
Bug UIMA-5536 Resolved uv3 remove positionUsesType from select api
Bug UIMA-5543 Resolved uv3: cas binary deserialization may miss resetting CAS first
Bug UIMA-5544 Resolved XmiCasDeserializer test doing invalid cas building - causes error in uv3
Bug UIMA-5547 Resolved some CAS deserializations skipping CAS Reset
Bug UIMA-5552 Resolved uv3: Get JCas instance in JCas class
Bug UIMA-5554 Resolved Strange exception when trying to get JCas FS class through reflection
Bug UIMA-5558 Resolved xmi serialization/deserialization of 0-length array being deserialized as null
Bug UIMA-5570 Resolved uv3 loggers missing arg on 2-object form of substitutable parms
Bug UIMA-5571 Resolved uv3 log4j bridge not handling multi-substitutable args vs throwable correctly
Bug UIMA-5574 Resolved uv3 UIMA Exceptions constructors calling wrong super
Bug UIMA-5575 Resolved uv3 migration tool missing insert of _featName_xxx and _typeName
Bug UIMA-5576 Resolved Use setExtensionClassPath only when classpath is not empty
Bug UIMA-5577 Resolved uv3: Adjust new-style logging statements not to use parameter positions
Bug UIMA-5578 Resolved uv3 jcasgen plugin integration test errors
Bug UIMA-5579 Resolved uv3 slf4j bridge new style broken
Bug UIMA-5586 Resolved uv3: DocumentAnnotation subclasses not handled as in UIMAv2 during deserialization
Bug UIMA-5593 Resolved uv3 deserialize compressed form 4 sofas not being indexed correctly
Bug UIMA-5595 Resolved uv3 toString for FeatureStructures seems not quite right
Bug UIMA-5598 Resolved uv3 set classloader for reinit call when doing type system commit
Bug UIMA-5600 Resolved uv3 some deserializers using generic setFeature to set Sofa features
Bug UIMA-5607 Resolved Exception when using JCas after accessing type property of a JCas class
Bug UIMA-5620 Resolved uv3 add generics for FSList, FSArray
Bug UIMA-5621 Resolved uv3 extend support for create empty arrays for typed FSArrays
Bug UIMA-5624 Resolved uv3 update the version numbers of included JARs in the uimaj-examples classpath
Bug UIMA-5627 Resolved uv3 examples project fails to launch v3 migrate tool
Bug UIMA-5628 Resolved wrong path for javadocs in examples project
Improvement UIMA-2147 Resolved Generate static fields for type names and feature names in JCas wrappers
Improvement UIMA-5379 Resolved uv3 migration tool check for missing migrationClasspath
Improvement UIMA-5380 Resolved uv3 Logger Interface missing methods using Supplier
Improvement UIMA-5381 Resolved uv3 tooling - specify JUL logger
Improvement UIMA-5382 Resolved allow Java-style classpath wildcard in tooling startup
Improvement UIMA-5383 Resolved uv3 migration tool: allow Java-style classpath notation with wildcard
Improvement UIMA-5388 Resolved Support javac style classpath specs in uima classpaths
Improvement UIMA-5411 Closed Make the class/data path search for external settings explicit by requiring a path: prefix
Improvement UIMA-5434 Resolved Misc utilities improvements in uimaj sdk core
Improvement UIMA-5442 Resolved uv3 backward compatibility: add casImpl v2 public methods for Type access
Improvement UIMA-5463 Resolved uv3 add docs: bkwds compatibility: iterator order change
Improvement UIMA-5470 Resolved ReDo AllFSs to support excluding the merely reachables
Improvement UIMA-5471 Resolved Better CasCompre code, move to own class
Improvement UIMA-5479 Resolved uv3 performance bug - FsIterator_subtypes_ordered not using custom comparator
Improvement UIMA-5483 Resolved uv3 exclude type order in index comparators if no type priorities are priorities are defined
Improvement UIMA-5496 Resolved uv3 replace FsIndex_set_sorted, apply many fixes to replaced one
Improvement UIMA-5504 Resolved uv3 cleanup iterator classes
Improvement UIMA-5505 Resolved uv3 APIs which take a UIMA Type instance, allow JCas class additionally, instead
Improvement UIMA-5524 Closed add test case for all varieties of rattling iterators
Improvement UIMA-5546 Resolved uv3 rework iterator use of typeOrder
Improvement UIMA-5548 Resolved uv3 API rationalization and cleanup
Improvement UIMA-5563 Resolved Improve Annotation Viewer File Section UI
Improvement UIMA-5565 Closed uv3: Adding getLogger() method in flow controllers
Improvement UIMA-5572 Resolved uv3 make default method for getComparator() in FSIteratorImplBase
Improvement UIMA-5573 Resolved uv3 change JCas feature slot initialization to be more lazy
Improvement UIMA-5584 Closed uv3 shorten api names for getting 0-length arrays/lists
Improvement UIMA-5603 Resolved uv3 add ability to do extended-for on all FSs of a type in a view
Improvement UIMA-5609 Resolved uv3 change ResourceManager setExtensionClassLoader to not wrap loader
Improvement UIMA-5625 Resolved uv3 update Examples project to use UV3 idioms
Improvement UIMA-5629 Resolved add uimaj-json to examples project classpath
Improvement UIMA-5630 Resolved uv3 documentation - update 4 older books to reflect better uv3
Improvement UIMA-5631 Resolved uv3 jcas interface missing the emptyXXXlist methods
Improvement UIMA-5632 Resolved uv3 javadocs missing on some cas/jcas/fsindex APIs for select
Improvement UIMA-5633 Resolved uv3 generic spec poor for select api in some Interfaces
Sub-task UIMA-4671 Resolved UV3 Internal - use default methods in interfaces to reduce code duplication
Sub-task UIMA-4687 Resolved UV3 improve JCas feature id use for index corruption checking and journaling
Task UIMA-5359 Resolved uv3 set up svn spot for uv3 and dependent projects
Task UIMA-5454 Resolved uv3 refactor feature structure compare for wider use cases + more accurate Cas Compare mode
Test UIMA-5538 Closed add -D flag to enable Feature Structure tracing