JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-5787 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) should honor service administrator
Bug UIMA-5794 Closed DUCC: Agent fails to stop processes
Bug UIMA-5796 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) Service Processes tab displays wrong value for "Time Min"
Bug UIMA-5800 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) does not honor db.access permissions when changed?
Bug UIMA-5804 Closed UIMA-DUCC: remove log level check from PullService
Bug UIMA-5806 Closed UIMA-DUCC: add junit test to cover AE process failure
Bug UIMA-5821 Closed Pull service errors are not returned correctly
Bug UIMA-5822 Closed DUCC pull service failures immediately after initialization may be treated as initialization failures
Bug UIMA-5849 Closed DUCC CLI ducc_job_specification.py does not blank-separate displayed list values
Bug UIMA-5851 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) displays ever increasing Processing Time on Work Items tab
Bug UIMA-5852 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Agent not stopping child process metrics collector sometimes
Bug UIMA-5855 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) http -> https redirect does not include query string
Bug UIMA-5857 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) NumberFormatException
Bug UIMA-5859 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) java.lang.NullPointerException
Bug UIMA-5860 Closed DUCC Orchestrator (OR) NullPointerException (NPE)
Bug UIMA-5865 Closed UIMA-DUCC: uima-as service not deploying correctly
Bug UIMA-5866 Closed UIMA-DUCC: pullservice should wait for some time when JD has no tasks to give
Bug UIMA-5868 Closed UIMA-DUCC: stop_ducc --head --stop not working
Bug UIMA-5877 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Pull service not failing fast on initialization error
Bug UIMA-5878 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Rogue process detector not logging output from reaper script
Bug UIMA-5879 Closed UIMA-DUCC:Pull service not terminating on java Error
Bug UIMA-5883 Closed DUCC JobDriver (JD) may cause job to never process all work items if JobProcess (JP) is preempted
Bug UIMA-5885 Closed UIMA-DUCC The JP not waiting if JD has no work
Bug UIMA-5886 Closed UIMA-DUCC: The ServiceWrapper should catch Throwable to handle java errors
Bug UIMA-5890 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) displays old boot date for re-cycled Broker
Bug UIMA-5933 Closed UIMA-DUCC: improve pull service http client error handling
Bug UIMA-5941 Closed Remove unused imports
Bug UIMA-5953 Closed UIMA_DUCC: default timeout in DefaultNoTaskAvailableStrategy is too long
Bug UIMA-5954 Closed UIMA-DUCC: The new JP is not generating DD
Bug UIMA-5959 Closed UIMA_DUCC: The DefaultNoTaskAvailableStrategy not accepting 0 in ctor
Bug UIMA-5960 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Modify pull service to synchronize threads
Bug UIMA-5973 Closed UIMA-DUCC: fix NPE when pullservice is stopping
Bug UIMA-5975 Closed Missing method in pull service's ServiceConfiguration
Bug UIMA-5977 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) JMX thread leak
Bug UIMA-5985 Closed ducc_update needs to employ check_ducc like functionality to prevent updating when DUCC is already running
Bug UIMA-5988 Closed UIMA-DUCC: JD fails due to not finding Workitem type in the CAS
Bug UIMA-5996 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Pullservice not calling END on WIs being processed while in quiesce
Bug UIMA-5999 Closed DUCC Apache demo deployed in "sim" mode has jobs with dependencies failing
Bug UIMA-6002 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Pullservice not providing virtual IP to JD when running in sim mode
Bug UIMA-6015 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Uima version detection not working
Improvement UIMA-5770 Closed DUCC user commands to retrieve job specification, service specification & get service status
Improvement UIMA-5778 Closed DuccWatcher should exit with RC and write status info to console
Improvement UIMA-5795 Closed UIMA processor plugin for the DUCC pull service should not always equire a serialized CAS
Improvement UIMA-5814 Closed UIMA-DUCC: agent should support quiesce request
Improvement UIMA-5815 Closed UIMA-DUCC: pull-service should support quiesce
Improvement UIMA-5816 Closed UIMA-DUCC: pull-service should use a window for errors
Improvement UIMA-5817 Closed UIMA-DUCC: modify pull-service client to use ephemeral port for its webserver
Improvement UIMA-5843 Closed UIMA-DUCC: pull service should support error window
Improvement UIMA-5858 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Agent should publish its state (Available|Unavailable) in metrics
Improvement UIMA-5867 Closed UIMA-DUCC: pullservice should synchronize GET retry when client has no tasks to give
Improvement UIMA-5873 Closed UIMA-DUCC: extend metrics to include number of CASes processed
Improvement UIMA-5875 Closed DUCC admin command stop_ducc should accept --all --stop, which comprises --agents followed by --head
Improvement UIMA-5880 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) display of Tasks column on Job Performance tab
Improvement UIMA-5894 Closed UIMA-DUCC: the WS broker health checker should create new connection
Improvement UIMA-5899 Closed DUCC ducc_post_install should verify that required /usr/bin/nslookup exists
Improvement UIMA-5928 Closed DUCC Agent quiesce should wait (forever) for non-fairshare displatchables to complete before shutting down
Improvement UIMA-5942 Closed UIMA-DUCC: the pullservice JUnit tests use static port 8080
Improvement UIMA-5956 Closed DUCC WS copyright 2019
Improvement UIMA-5958 Closed DUCC resources distribution tool
Improvement UIMA-5963 Closed UIMA-DUCC: parameterize client protocol handler retry timeout
Improvement UIMA-5970 Closed UIMA-DUCC: create CustomProcessor compatible with new pullservice
Improvement UIMA-5989 Closed DUCC admin optional tools for starting/stopping unmanaged Cassandra DB
Improvement UIMA-5998 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) authentication plugin for GSA
New Feature UIMA-5742 Closed Reliable DUCC
New Feature UIMA-5755 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Pull service should echo correlation id in ACK and END msgs
New Feature UIMA-5756 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Create a new project for the pull service
New Feature UIMA-5761 Closed UIMA-DUCC: reduce logging in TAS protocol handler
Task UIMA-5743 Closed UIMA-DUCC: upgrade Jetty
Task UIMA-5949 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Upgrade Cassandra DB
Task UIMA-5962 Closed UIMA-DUCC: create new project for JCas specific classes
Task UIMA-5972 Closed UIMA-DUCC: review license, notice, readme, and release notes
Task UIMA-6019 Closed DUCC 3.0.0 system not backwardly compatible with older CLI