JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-6146 Resolved uimaj package.html files in wrong format for javadoc tool
Bug UIMA-6162 Resolved Concurrent binary serialization produces corrupt output
Bug UIMA-6168 Resolved protect indexes fails when there were no indexed fs that needed protecting
Bug UIMA-6170 Resolved Ambiguous method call when compiling on Java 13
Bug UIMA-6187 Resolved Bad line endings for all files UIMA_HOME/bin/*.sh
Bug UIMA-6199 Resolved Unindexed document annotation added back to index during deserialization
Bug UIMA-6200 Resolved Constructing aggregate engines is slow
Bug UIMA-6225 Resolved unable to install a pear package into a directory containing special character like <,> or &
Bug UIMA-6243 Resolved JCas returns Annotation when asked for a specific subtype
Bug UIMA-6244 Resolved test case bug, running in windows
Bug UIMA-6245 Resolved CVD - Index out of bounds when expanding Annotation in AnnotationIndex view
Bug UIMA-6269 Resolved select.coveredBy with includeAnnotationsWithEndBeyondBounds has broken edge case
Bug UIMA-6272 Resolved UIMA doesn't build on Java 14
Bug UIMA-6273 Resolved isBeforeV3 variable not reset in BinaryCasSerDes
Bug UIMA-6274 Resolved Setting feature on builtin JCas cover class that was loaded before initializing TypeSystemImpl fails
Bug UIMA-6276 Resolved Potential memory leak in FSClassRegistry
Bug UIMA-6282 Resolved select.at() may fail to respect bounds
Bug UIMA-6284 Resolved select.following() fails to find adjacent annotations
Bug UIMA-6285 Resolved select.following() on a zero-width annotation returns other zero-width annotation at same location
Bug UIMA-6286 Resolved select following finds zero-width annotation at reference end position
Bug UIMA-6287 Resolved FSArray.spliterator() fails to handle PEAR case
Bug UIMA-6289 Resolved SelectFS.coveredBy not selecting annotations with exact same bounds as annotation argument
Bug UIMA-6295 Resolved CAS transportable Java object not serialised or deserialised with compressed binary
Bug UIMA-6296 Resolved SelectFS fsIterator may yield different result set than asList
Bug UIMA-6297 Resolved SelectFS with limit in combination with fsIterator has issues
Bug UIMA-6303 Resolved Logs are spammed with "Import by location/name" messages
Bug UIMA-6310 Resolved JCasClassLoaderTest sometimes fails
Bug UIMA-6313 Resolved PearSpecifier_impl methods return null despite promise not to do so
Bug UIMA-6318 Resolved Deserialization of array subtypes fails (form6)
Bug UIMA-6342 Resolved Moving iterator beyond bounds does not invalidate it
Bug UIMA-6348 Resolved Race-condition in TypeSystemImpl commit
Bug UIMA-6349 Resolved japicmp post processing script fails with Java 16 (UIMAJ)
Bug UIMA-6352 Resolved reinit(CASCompleteSerializer) does not properly reset indexes
Bug UIMA-6353 Resolved Logger_common_impl.error(String arg0, Object arg1, Object arg2) swallows last argument
Dependency upgrade UIMA-6164 Resolved uimaj eclipse plugins not building due to dependency problems
Improvement UIMA-6160 Resolved Single int arg version of select.startAt()?
Improvement UIMA-6249 Resolved remove sync contention in getJCasRegisteredType
Improvement UIMA-6254 Resolved Move API report post-analysis script into the build resources
Improvement UIMA-6300 Resolved deep copy feature for org.apache.uima.analysis_engine.AnalysisEngineDescription class
Improvement UIMA-6305 Resolved Convert UIMAv3 User's Guide from DocBook to Asciidoc
Improvement UIMA-6308 Resolved Refactor some unit tests
Improvement UIMA-6316 Resolved Stop using the deprecated Pack200 when building update sites
Improvement UIMA-6322 Resolved Clean up rat configuration
Improvement UIMA-6341 Resolved Try out p2-layout-resolver
New Feature UIMA-5936 Resolved PearSpecifier should be able to store every parametertype that analysisEngines support
New Feature UIMA-6128 Resolved Allow XMI to be optionally serialized with XML 1.1 instead of only 1.0
New Feature UIMA-6151 Resolved Containment/overlap predicates for AnnotationFS
New Feature UIMA-6152 Resolved "trim" method for AnnotationFS
New Feature UIMA-6203 Resolved Add SerialFormat.XMI_PRETTY
New Feature UIMA-6283 Resolved Annotation relation predicates
Task UIMA-3484 Resolved Fix JavaDoc issues
Task UIMA-6234 Resolved Upgrade to UIMA Parent POM 14
Task UIMA-6259 Resolved Jenkinsfile for UIMA Java SDK
Task UIMA-6267 Resolved UIMA SDK Eclipse Plugins fail to build after Eclipse 2020-09 release
Task UIMA-6290 Resolved Clean up AnnotationIteratorTest
Task UIMA-6299 Resolved Ensure that SNAPSHOT repos are commented out in POMs