JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-5058 Resolved Scaled out pipelines can falsely trigger the error: Illegal adding of additional MetaData after CASes have been defined
Bug UIMA-5259 Resolved uv3 update examples to uv3 level
Bug UIMA-5270 Resolved uv3 FSHashSet has bad hashcode impl
Bug UIMA-5278 Resolved uv3 empty iterator for FS collections over primitives wrong type
Bug UIMA-5285 Resolved uv3 fix build process to name signatures on eclipse artifacts properly
Bug UIMA-5304 Resolved uv3 select api javadocs and fixes
Bug UIMA-5308 Resolved Fix potential NPE in ProcessContainer_Impl.java
Bug UIMA-5333 Resolved uv3 test case reset enableSchemaValidation & Logger levels
Bug UIMA-5339 Resolved uv3 slf4j simple logger can't be cast to locationaware logger
Bug UIMA-5346 Resolved sort compare method not following contract, sometimes get IllegalArgExcptn
Bug UIMA-5352 Resolved uv3 logger test dependencies incorrect or missing
Bug UIMA-5353 Resolved uimaj-ep-debug start code needs updating for eclipse v 4
Bug UIMA-5361 Resolved uv3 migration tool - wrong defaulting for temp output directory
Bug UIMA-5363 Resolved uv3 binary assembly -update javaparser
Bug UIMA-5366 Resolved uv3 integration tests - parent pom wrong
Improvement UIMA-5208 Resolved Also search the classpath and datapath when loading an extenal overrides file
Improvement UIMA-5272 Resolved uv3 redo 3 new built-ins as non-builtins
Improvement UIMA-5273 Resolved Check for circular definitions in external override settings
Improvement UIMA-5274 Resolved Support descriptor customization by allowing external setting variables in some fields
Improvement UIMA-5286 Resolved uv3 consider improving FSArrayList and FSHashSet to work with PEARs
Improvement UIMA-5287 Resolved uv3 user guide doc improvements
Improvement UIMA-5293 Resolved uv3 logging upgrade
Improvement UIMA-5305 Resolved uv3 Built-in collection feature types having primitive values: support Java 8 non-boxing
Improvement UIMA-5307 Resolved improve version compatibility checking for uimaj
Improvement UIMA-5324 Resolved uv3 logging: change defaults, add suppress logging from annotators capability
Improvement UIMA-5343 Resolved uv3 switch logger level mappings to match uimaFIT better
Improvement UIMA-5345 Resolved uv3 consider moving some scope-compile to scope-provided
Improvement UIMA-5349 Resolved uv3 migration tool duplicating generated comments
Improvement UIMA-5350 Resolved uv3 launcher for migration tool clumsy in selecting source root
Improvement UIMA-5367 Resolved reduce deploy failures due to timouts
Task UIMA-5294 Resolved move uimaj eclipse update site for uimaj v3 to separate site
Task UIMA-5318 Resolved uv3 update v3 users guide with info on logging changes
Task UIMA-5319 Resolved uv3 fix build api-change-report to select the proper previous version
Task UIMA-5321 Resolved uv3 update license/notice for new logging jars in binary distr
Task UIMA-5335 Resolved Relax XML schema for UIMA Index label
Task UIMA-5338 Resolved change error message when finding invalid xml char to not output that