JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-4554 Resolved JCasGen generating rawType warnings for fsGenerator
Bug UIMA-4562 Resolved examples project from binary distr has wrong Eclipse launch configuration
Bug UIMA-4565 Resolved CAS.FEATURE_FULL_NAME_SOFA wrong?
Bug UIMA-4580 Resolved Findbugs (and others) fail on Java 8 CI build
Bug UIMA-4698 Resolved Wrong definition of AnnotationBase sofa feature
Bug UIMA-4721 Resolved Nested protect blocks not adding back in all cases
Bug UIMA-4722 Resolved updateDocumentAnnotation not properly doing remove from indexes
Bug UIMA-4728 Closed Int2IntHashMap bug in containsKey()
Bug UIMA-4743 Resolved errors in plain binary cas delta serialization of short/long modifications to arrays
Bug UIMA-4769 Resolved sofa mapping not set properly for flow controllers
Bug UIMA-4786 Resolved uima-core test case copy/paste bug
Bug UIMA-4793 Resolved Unable to localize exceptions when using alternative classloader
Bug UIMA-4823 Resolved Missing error reports for mismatch between JCas and UIMA Type system
Bug UIMA-4863 Closed AnnotationViewer stack overflow when switching among Sofas
Bug UIMA-4915 Resolved NullPointerException in CasSerializerSupport when called from JsonCasSerializer and features reference the cas:NULL element
Bug UIMA-4988 Resolved UIMA plugins fail to install on Eclipse NEON
Bug UIMA-5018 Closed Typo in docs re Log4jLogger_impl
Bug UIMA-5021 Resolved Cas Editor cannot import imported type system from classpath of selected type system
Bug UIMA-5041 Resolved JsonCasSerializer creates duplicate shortname
Bug UIMA-5055 Resolved JCas not always initialized
Bug UIMA-5058 Resolved Scaled out pipelines can falsely trigger the error: Illegal adding of additional MetaData after CASes have been defined
Bug UIMA-5063 Resolved unambigious iterator incorrectly stopping after returning 1 item
Improvement UIMA-4618 Resolved jcasgen maven plugin reports only NPE for reserved feature name
Improvement UIMA-4681 Resolved clarify javadocs for AnnotationIndex APIs
Improvement UIMA-4792 Resolved add versioning for serialized forms that includes incrementing part
Improvement UIMA-4897 Resolved uimaj debug and trace improvements
Improvement UIMA-4932 Resolved improve error message when sofa missing during add to indexes
Improvement UIMA-5043 Resolved Provide method to access individual external override settings
Improvement UIMA-5056 Resolved UIMA Class loader switching design needs to support more than 2 levels
New Feature UIMA-4685 Resolved Add Common Load/Save APIs, including type system and index defs, for various CAS formats
Task UIMA-5014 Resolved uimaj - change next release version to 2.9.0 from 2.8.2
Task UIMA-5066 Resolved fix issues in 2.9.0 re: semantic versioning