JIRA Report

BugUIMA-1601ClosedmoveTo() and iterator(fs) do not point to "leftmost" FS
BugUIMA-1787ClosedImport document wizard must display a meaningful error message
BugUIMA-1866ClosedCVD does not warn user about over-writing an existing xmi file
BugUIMA-2011ClosedCan't open XMI with data not specified by type system
BugUIMA-2012ClosedHandling of imported type systems causes error
BugUIMA-2022ClosedAPIs for adding new feature to type are inconsistent in defaulting multipleReferencesAllowed, leading to merge failures
BugUIMA-2033Closedsome parent poms putting apache snapshot repo for plugins under wrong xml element
BugUIMA-2049ClosedCasEditor does not always saves changes under certain circumstances
BugUIMA-2051ClosedImport_implTest.testFindAbsoluteUrl fails on Hudson
BugUIMA-2078ClosedFix intermittent problem with CAS release while running scaled up AE in UIMA AS
BugUIMA-2097ClosedTreatment of URLs with blanks is incorrect in some places
BugUIMA-2099ClosedtestUTF16NoSignature(org.apache.uima.pear.util.PearEncodingTest) failing on IBM Java 5
BugUIMA-2107ClosedAnnotation Editor must display a message when the shown sofa is incompatible (or not set)
BugUIMA-2112ClosedQuick type selection blocks UI thread if there are too many types in the type system
BugUIMA-2113ClosedAnnotation Editor synchronizes annotations very slowly after its first opened
BugUIMA-2114ClosedEndless dialogs when Capabilities Types/Features misclicked
BugUIMA-2115ClosedAnnotation Style Pages type list gets too long with many types
BugUIMA-2124ClosedAnnotation Editor throws exception when context menu is shown
BugUIMA-2136ClosedCas Editor fails to start when workspace has a closed proejct
BugUIMA-2139ClosedAnnotate short cut shift + enter does not work
BugUIMA-2145ClosedError adding PEAR file with type priorities to aggregate AE using the CDE
BugUIMA-2148ClosedFeature having a type with <allowedValues> are not supported
BugUIMA-2155ClosedXALAN 2.6.0 overriding normal Java transformer factory in some JVMs causes UIMA XML parser failures
BugUIMA-2160ClosedAnnotation Editor throws exceptions on view change if other view has much more lines
BugUIMA-2166ClosedAnnotation Editor fails to create annotation when text is selected via by mouse movement
BugUIMA-2175ClosedImport wizard throws Null Pointer Exception when it needs to overwrite an existing file
BugUIMA-2211Closedpear failure when using multiple views with JCas
BugUIMA-2212ClosedCreating ResultSpec from Capability with no language not treating as x-unspecified for features
BugUIMA-2225ClosedReusing of ICasEditor instances doesn't surrounding update views
BugUIMA-2240Closeduimaj-ep-launcher does not call collectionProcessComplete on AE
BugUIMA-2242ClosedSelecting a single character with a double click does not enable Quick Annotate action
BugUIMA-2247ClosedAnnotation Editor actions are not enabled when text is selected via the find dialog
BugUIMA-2253ClosedAnnotation Editor fails to display type system selection page when ts is not their
BugUIMA-2265ClosedAnnotationEditor is missing a removeAnnotationListener method
BugUIMA-2270ClosedCDE operating very slowly with IBM Java
BugUIMA-2279ClosedAdding/Removing a lot of annotations to/from the Annotation Editor is slow
BugUIMA-2291ClosedCas Editor Ide jar file is missing in the binary distribution
BugUIMA-2293ClosedResource change listener should only reload document when change was not done by a Cas Editor
BugUIMA-2294ClosedCas Editor View should not share view page
BugUIMA-2295Closedtiming bug in CPM testcase causes hang
ImprovementUIMA-513Closedjcasgen_merge script fails with Eclipse 3.3 due to repackaging done by Eclipse
ImprovementUIMA-572ClosedCas Editor: Add multi view support
ImprovementUIMA-1471ClosedCasDataUtils should be refactored and reviewed
ImprovementUIMA-1893ClosedThe mode menu of the annotation editor should mark the currently selected mode
ImprovementUIMA-1895ClosedMove the editor line length parameter to the editor preference page
ImprovementUIMA-1967ClosedUIMAJ build from the top level
ImprovementUIMA-1968Closedadd RAT exclusion for pearTest/UTF16 style files to work around Rat problem
ImprovementUIMA-1983ClosedJCasGen prouces source files with name shadowing/conflicts
ImprovementUIMA-2020ClosedClarify in REAME files that source-release build requires -Papache-release parameter
ImprovementUIMA-2037ClosedAdd method to create a CAS to AnnotatorTester
ImprovementUIMA-2082ClosedRemove redundant nullchecks in Cas Editor code
ImprovementUIMA-2119ClosedCas Editor should prefix names of contributions with UIMA
ImprovementUIMA-2120ClosedAnnotation Editor should display type names only with full name space
ImprovementUIMA-2122ClosedCas Editor default type system location should be configurable
ImprovementUIMA-2125ClosedAnnotation Editor and its corresponding Outline View should have key bindings to change annotation spans
ImprovementUIMA-2137ClosedQuick type selection dialog should only show displayed types
ImprovementUIMA-2151ClosedThe Cas Editor should be split into two parts
ImprovementUIMA-2159ClosedMove type system selection code from Annotation Editor to Document Provider
ImprovementUIMA-2165ClosedCas Editor document import wizard should replace or remove non-xml characters
ImprovementUIMA-2168ClosedRefactor the ICasDocument interface to be suitable for all kind of sofas
ImprovementUIMA-2169ClosedAnnotation Editor text size should be configurable
ImprovementUIMA-2170ClosedRename NlpPerspectiveFactory class to CasEditorPerspectiveFactory
ImprovementUIMA-2173ClosedRefactor naming of annotate actions in the Annotation Editor
ImprovementUIMA-2174ClosedImport Document wizard should have an option for the language
ImprovementUIMA-2178ClosedSelection handling in the Annotation Editor is confusing
ImprovementUIMA-2179ClosedDocument import wizard should remember last used settings
ImprovementUIMA-2217ClosedExtend AnalysisEngineManagement interface
ImprovementUIMA-2219ClosedICasEditor implementations should choose document provider based on IEditorInput
ImprovementUIMA-2220ClosedMove annotation editor view extensions back to uimaj-ep-cas-editor plugin
ImprovementUIMA-2222ClosedCasDocumentProvider should be suitable for any kind of ICasEditor
ImprovementUIMA-2245ClosedAdd a mechanism to the Cas Editor that plugins can save type system scope preferences
ImprovementUIMA-2257ClosedUpdate and enhance the Cas Editor user documentation
ImprovementUIMA-2261ClosedCas Editor Ide Plugin needs to store type system dependent session preferences
ImprovementUIMA-2263ClosedAdd a method to get the current caret position from the AnnotationEditor
ImprovementUIMA-2267ClosedCAS Editor should open file with type systems that are out of sync
ImprovementUIMA-2274ClosedRemove unused classes from Deployment Descriptor Editor plugin
ImprovementUIMA-2276ClosedThe Feature Structure view should remember the last chosen FS type
ImprovementUIMA-2277ClosedCas Editor Views should be close able in the Cas Editor Perspective
ImprovementUIMA-2282ClosedRestructuring of preference pages for the CAS Editor
ImprovementUIMA-2292Closedupdate release notes for 2.4.0 UIMA SDK
New FeatureUIMA-1969ClosedAdd support for external resources hosted on an http server
New FeatureUIMA-2100ClosedAdd eclipse launch support for Analysis Engines
New FeatureUIMA-2121Closedcommand line PEAR installer
New FeatureUIMA-2260ClosedLet CAS Editor communicate text selection changes
New FeatureUIMA-2266ClosedEnable multiple strategies for finding a suitable type system
New FeatureUIMA-2273ClosedLet CAS Editor implement IResourceChangeListener
New FeatureUIMA-2280ClosedAdd option to deactivate the type system mapping
TaskUIMA-2123ClosedRemove Cas Editor Project support from Cas Editor
TaskUIMA-2246ClosedSwitch next base version of UIMA SDK to 2.4.0 from 2.3.2 to account for slight API change