JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-1298 Closed A shared remote CM hangs when one of its clients runs out of memory
Bug UIMA-1680 Closed Async Scaleout Monitor has many issues
Bug UIMA-1728 Closed UIMA AS Service logs falsely Stopping Collocated Delegate Cas Multiplier message
Bug UIMA-1734 Closed UIMA-AS Deployment Descriptor doesn't work with Eclipse 3.4.2
Bug UIMA-1742 Closed UIMA AS Aggregate not exposing number of consumer threads on its delegate's reply queues
Bug UIMA-1743 Closed UIMA AS aggregate may hang when one of its primitive delgates fails during initialization
Bug UIMA-1751 Closed Fix NPE while looking up MessageProducer
Bug UIMA-1754 Closed Incorrect description of getCAS() method in UIMA AS documentation
Bug UIMA-1766 Closed Fix Memory Leak in UIMA AS Service
Bug UIMA-1770 Closed UIMA AS Aggregate Client sends FreeCas requests to a wrong broker
Bug UIMA-1772 Closed Fix UIMA AS Aggregate Log Entry When Executing Flow Controller step
Bug UIMA-1781 Closed UIMA AS Client sends a CPC request too soon
Bug UIMA-1786 Closed UIMA AS aggregate CM hangs due to client not sending Free Cas Request
Bug UIMA-1791 Closed UIMA AS logs Timeouts at INFO level instead of WARNING
Bug UIMA-1792 Closed UIMA AS dumps debug messages to stdout
Bug UIMA-1797 Closed UIMA AS processParentLast logic is not working correctly
Bug UIMA-1800 Closed UIMA AS should block msg submitter thread if a thread pool is empty
Bug UIMA-1801 Closed UIMA AS Aggregate sends STOP message to colocated delegate during shutdown
Bug UIMA-1807 Closed UIMA AS jmx monitor throws javax.management.AttributeNotFoundException while collecting stats
Bug UIMA-1831 Closed UIMA AS test deployment descriptors contain absolute paths instead of relative paths
Bug UIMA-1844 Closed add exclude for release.properties to those poms that override the default apache-rat-plugin configuration of excludes
Bug UIMA-1846 Closed Correct issues around building eclipse plugins and update site
Bug UIMA-1847 Closed Eclipse plugins not working with more recent version of maven-bundle-plugin
Bug UIMA-1849 Closed Deployment file in UIMA AS extended tests uses absolute instead of relative path
Bug UIMA-1850 Closed UIMA AS process error handler incorrectly handles a CAS that arrives after a timeout
Bug UIMA-1851 Closed Fix UIMA AS jUnit test to generate files into uimaj-as-activemq/target/temp directory
Bug UIMA-1854 Closed fixup uima-as eclipse plugins for deployeditor and add to eclipse update site
Bug UIMA-1855 Closed Address problems reported by Findbugs in UIMA AS
Bug UIMA-1856 Closed Restore RunRemoteAsyncAE in UIMA AS examples to its original state
Bug UIMA-1872 Closed UIMA AS Primitive Service ResourceInitializationException is Silently Handled
Bug UIMA-1883 Closed UIMA shell scripts (e.g. cvd.sh) do not support space in filenames
Bug UIMA-1902 Closed UIMA AS detection of missing client reply queue is not working leading to client timeouts
Bug UIMA-1915 Closed UIMA AS client code synchronizes same critical region twice
Bug UIMA-1936 Closed UIMA AS code base should log all trace msgs instead dumping to stdout
Bug UIMA-1937 Closed UIMA AS JMX Monitor throws javax.management.AttributeNotFoundException: No such attribute: AvailableInstances
Bug UIMA-1942 Closed Our batch scripts can't handle the default path for 32bit software on Win64 machines as it contains parentheses
Bug UIMA-1944 Closed change build parenting poms to introduce additional parent, add top level build point for multi-module projects
Bug UIMA-1955 Closed remove unused dependency on missing activemq artifact
Bug UIMA-1960 Closed enable uima-as to check for proper version of base UIMA
Bug UIMA-1971 Closed AggregateAnalysisEngineController should disable Delta CAS serialization if a remote delegate replies with a full CAS
Bug UIMA-1973 Closed Add getTaskExecutor() method to UimaDefaultMessageListenerContainer
Bug UIMA-1974 Closed UIMA AS assembly script creates bogus folders in bin directory
Bug UIMA-1975 Closed UIMA AS extended tests import mx4j classes for no reason
Bug UIMA-1976 Closed Deprecate BrokerDeployer in UIMA AS
Bug UIMA-1979 Closed UIMA AS allows concurrent access to JMS Session instance
Bug UIMA-1980 Closed UIMA AS extended test testTerminateOnFlowControllerExceptionOnDisable() fails
Bug UIMA-1981 Closed UIMA AS releases parent CAS prematurely
Bug UIMA-1986 Closed Fix Synchronization on Long could deadlock Reported by Findbugs
Bug UIMA-1994 Closed Fix NPE in UIMA AS Client When Running with Log Level > INFO
Bug UIMA-1995 Closed AMQ 5.4.1 Broker from UIMA AS 2.3.1 not starting on Linux
Bug UIMA-1996 Closed Remove deprecated destroyApplicationContextOnStop property from activemq-nojournal.xml
Bug UIMA-1997 Closed UIMA AS build does not generate distribution for linux (*.tar.gz)
Bug UIMA-2001 Closed Fix UIMA AS deployment desciptor from extended tests
Bug UIMA-2005 Closed Binary assembly script for UIMA AS doesnt copy AMQ README.txt
Bug UIMA-2007 Closed uima-as-osgi plugin is missing most of its content
Bug UIMA-2010 Closed Rollback UIMA AS poms to 2.3.1 SNAPSHOT
Bug UIMA-2027 Closed UIMA AS binary assembly script doesnt include uima as docs in a distribution
Bug UIMA-2030 Closed Fix invalid paths in various uima as scripts
Bug UIMA-2031 Closed FileSystemCollectionReader.xml in UIMA AS examples doesnt specify Language parameter
Bug UIMA-2033 Closed some parent poms putting apache snapshot repo for plugins under wrong xml element
Bug UIMA-2038 Closed UIMA AS process does not terminate reliably
Bug UIMA-2044 Closed UIMA AS Spring Container throws ava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Display name must not be empty
Bug UIMA-2058 Closed UIMA AS example program RunRemoteAsyncAE calls System.exit()
Bug UIMA-2063 Closed UIMA AS Build Requires spring-aop-3.0.3.RELEASE.jar
Bug UIMA-2064 Closed UIMA AS client doesnt always throw ResourceProcessException
Bug UIMA-2069 Closed Remove hardcoded port numbers from UIMA AS tests
Bug UIMA-2072 Closed Fix UIMA AS log message
Bug UIMA-2075 Closed UIMA AS deploy script Deploy_NoOpAnotatorWithCpCDelay contains wrong AE descriptor name
Bug UIMA-2076 Closed Modify maven-failsafe-plugin in uimaj-as-activemq pom.xml to use UTF-8 encoding
Bug UIMA-2080 Closed UIMA AS serice ShutdownHook dumps message to stderr
Bug UIMA-2081 Closed UIMA-AS extended test intermittent failure - message InvalidDestinationException: Cannot publish to a deleted Destination: temp-queue ...
Bug UIMA-2083 Closed UIMA AS service always uses binary serialization
Bug UIMA-2085 Closed UIMA AS source distribution contains plain vanilla versions of LICENCE and NOTICE files
Bug UIMA-2087 Closed UIMA AS assembly script includes an incorrect version of .classpath
Bug UIMA-2088 Closed UIMA AS .classpath for examples contains duplicate jar entries
Bug UIMA-2090 Closed UIMA AS eclipse launch scripts not setup correctly
Bug UIMA-2091 Closed UIMA AS assembly script should copy project file from base uima examples
Improvement UIMA-1542 Closed dd2spring error messages specifying descriptor Keys should include parents
Improvement UIMA-1667 Closed UIMA AS should also log the ActiveMQ version on startup
Improvement UIMA-1779 Closed UimaAsynchronousEngine should have javadoc for constants
Improvement UIMA-1798 Closed Add exclusion of uima-cpe in uimaj-as-activemq pom
Improvement UIMA-1799 Closed UIMA AS should provide a way to increase prefetch size on a reply queue
Improvement UIMA-1865 Closed lock down transitive dependency version for Eclipse components
Improvement UIMA-1868 Closed cleanup distribution assembly
Improvement UIMA-1869 Closed Remove KEYS files from source and bin distributions
Improvement UIMA-1876 Closed Upgrade UIMA AS to a new version of ActiveMQ
Improvement UIMA-1885 Closed Allow placeholders for endpoint names in deployment descriptors
Improvement UIMA-1935 Closed update eclipse feature projects for 2.3.1
Improvement UIMA-1952 Closed Change UIMA-AS binary build to include base UIMA
Improvement UIMA-1978 Closed Copy runUimaClass.* scripts from uimaj to uima-as
Improvement UIMA-1999 Closed Modify UIMA AS poms to move RAT plugins to a new pluginManagement section
Improvement UIMA-2004 Closed Cleanup UIMA AS binary assembly
Improvement UIMA-2024 Closed Add to uima-as project a new file containing AMQ components excluded from UIMA AS release
Improvement UIMA-2025 Closed Merge uima-as and uima-as-distr projects
Improvement UIMA-2029 Closed Modify RunRemoteAsyncAE status message on service startup
Improvement UIMA-2048 Closed UIMA AS should identify a delegate service in a Timeout Exception
Improvement UIMA-2059 Closed Modify UIMA AS assembly script to include version in the base directory name
Improvement UIMA-2065 Closed UIMA AS client needs ShutdownHook to close broker connection
Improvement UIMA-2071 Closed Change the specification of sorting keys to correspond to the sequence needed by the latest Jira upgrade
Improvement UIMA-2079 Closed UIMA-AS Service logs a pid on startup, it should be separated with a space
Improvement UIMA-2084 Closed Extend UIMA AS service JMX API to dump service state
New Feature UIMA-1794 Closed Add error handling option for UIMA AS services accessed by core UIMA
New Feature UIMA-1818 Closed Provide simple mechanism to capture all CASes input to specified delegate
New Feature UIMA-1938 Closed Modify UIMA AS Primitive Service to optionally dump JVM stack if process() method takes too long
Task UIMA-1843 Closed update poms to refer to released version of parent-pom-eclipse-plugins-ibm-notice
Task UIMA-1988 Closed Update uima-website KEYS file with a new Public Key for JC
Task UIMA-1989 Closed Update UIMA AS README for the new 2.3.1 release
Task UIMA-1998 Closed Update LICENSE and NOTICE files for UIMA AS
Task UIMA-2000 Closed Remove Docbook Processing from uima-as-parent pom.xml
Task UIMA-2009 Closed Modify Eclipse update site scripts
Task UIMA-2055 Closed Refactor UIMA AS JmsOutputChannel code